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Mortgage Fraud and the Volatile Real Estate Market

When a market is as volatile as the current real estate market, some real estate agent will do whatever is necessary to close that deal. Unfortunately, black hat mortgage closings are on the rise and for the real estate agent this can mean less and less people investing their time and money with the real estate agent.When the subprime mortgage market imploded, the world of real estate began to flounder. Agents who were once bringing in the closings hand over fist were now left to live on their savings between sales. Black hat mortgage approvals began to rise and some of these mortgage closings, based on improper information and plain, old fashioned lies were linked to real estate agents.In our world of gossip, it did not take long for the word to spread that real estate agents were using unlawful techniques to close mortgage sales and the potential home buyer, not wanting to get caught up in a legal battle over the purchase of a home began searching for their homes and the best mortgage options on their own.The real estate agent makes money from the closing of the home sale and when the home buyer is not using their services they simply are not making money. How does the real estate agent earn back the buyers trust? By using lawful techniques all the time and verbally acknowledging the improper techniques used by some other real estate agents.When a real estate agent walks into a home deal telling the home owner they will use only the proper lines of approval, there is a trust that is gained between the real estate agent and the home buyer. This trust will be passed on to other home buyers and thus the rebuilding process will begin.In a world of real estate foreclosures and homes being taken back by backs and lenders, the home buyers who are preapproved will have their choice of homes. These home buyers are the saving grace of the real estate agent but capturing that buyers trust can often be harder than selling that next home.